The Doula Warrior's

1. Birth Doula Services

2.Postpartum doula services

3.Certified newborn care specialist
4.Baby shower event planning
5.CPM/ MIDWIFE in Progress
7.At home birth
8.Unassisted births
9.Lotus Birth's & Lotus Birth Ceremony * 
11.Aroma therapy
12.Meditation techniques During labor & delivery

13. Placenta Encapsulation   

14.Educational  & Training Classes Belize Location Only

Midwife CPM  in progress                Neonatal Resuscitation                         Doula Dazzle Belly Art *

Teens                                      Single parents                                                       Survivors of previous Life Trauma

Over 40                                  Cesarean Birth                                                      Addiction recovery                

VBAC                                        water birth                                                              Plus size mothers

Home Births                           Survivors of childhood sexual abuse            Induced

Multiples                                 Adoption                                                                Bereavement Doula

LGBTQ Families                       Special Needs Babies                                      Mother Blessing Celebrations

Client on bed rest                    Prematurity                                                     Belly Casting

High Risk                                   Twins                                                                     New Born Care Training

Lotus Births                            Placenta Encapsulation                                  Lotus Birth Ceremonies

Expected Stillbirth                 Domestic Violence                                      Finger Print Kits / Child Safety

Dancing for Labor                  Rebozo During Labor                                    HypnoBirth

Birth Doula & CPM In Progress Midwife: Marlisha Martinez

 United States 773-368-2095

The Doula Services Are $1800

Full Price for Doula Services. It's a Large Variety of Services and 1:1 Prenatal visits. New Born Care Trainings , Meditation & Aromatherapy Belly Casting, Pregnancy Yoga *  Field Trips and Outings /  weekly visits. Birth Plans and More !


Lotus Birth Assisting & Ceremony

Specialized Services

 Published Author Marlisha Martinez .         Any Book Stores Near you.


Classes & Fun Activities