Birth Doula & CPM In Progress Midwife: Marlisha Martinez

 United States 773-368-2095

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The Doula warrior's services, Believes in multi Cultural Sisterhood ! We believe all women should have a spiritual Bond & Love for each other.

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Birth Doula Warrior

Birth Doula Warrior

Birth Doula

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The Doula Warriors

Marlisha is a  Birth Doula, Midwife CPM In Progress ,Neonatal Resuscitation ,VBAC.  wife and mother of five,  Motivational speaker/ Published Author. She is very Down to earth, loving and compassionate.

Marlisha  Is Trained and have Direct Education in her field, she has assisted in  1800 Births From 1996- Current.

National & International.

All levels of income is welcome, we offer a sliding scale fee.

Some Scholarships/ Love offer's Available.

The Doula warrior's Team is all Compassionate and Professional Birth Doulas/ Birth Workers .