A Baby shower is a wonderful and beautiful Transformation of a woman into a mother.

This is a very important and sacred right of passage for mom and baby.

This should be done for every Birth even if you have multiple children.

Let's Create the baby shower of your dreams!


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Multi Cultural Sisterhood

we are Spiritually connected as sister's and mother's. Let's support one another.

"with Devin Love, Peace, Strength & Respect."


During Pregnancy:

Your birth doula helps you prepare for birth by working with you and your partner.

To create a birth plan & providing Education and Information to allow informed decision - making.

During Labor :

Your birth doula cares for your physical and emotional well-being , by using comfort measures. such as massage and relaxation techniques, breathing guidance, position support, verbal encouragement and a caring hand.

During and After Birth:

Your birth doula can help you preserve your birth memory by taking pictures, keeping a record of important events or moments during labor, writing a birth story & later discussing the labor  with you and your partner.

During the postpartum period:

Your birth doula helps with the transition to parenthood by supporting, breastfeeding, providing an ear to listen and words of  encouragement . Answering any questions you might have, about your birth and reminding you of the positive moments.

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Postpartum Doula

United States & International Professional Birth Doula & Midwife CPM IN PROGRESS

My role as a postpartum doula is to be compassionate to the needs of the family. During the delicate and complicated time.

Providing support wherever needed to help build  a Healthy loving foundation in the baby's easiest days. 


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National & International Services (Belize)

Your Birth Doula helps you prepare for the birth by working with you and your partner. To create a birth plan and providing Education & information to allow Informed decision making. Emotional & Spiritual support during the birth process.


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Birth Doula

Doula Warrior Marlisha

A Multi Cultural SisterHood

Babyshower Events

Marlisha Martinez, Birth Doula & Midwife CPM  IN PROGRESS, Dona International Certified.

Birth Doula & CPM In Progress Midwife: Marlisha Martinez

 United States 773-368-2095

The Doula Warrior's

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